What about Squidz Ink?

The firm is staffed full-time by principal/designer/XHTML-CSS guy Cole Schweikhardt, who rounds out services and skill sets via a network of  trusted collaborators. Business partners with complementary skills make up our extended team of experienced, multi-disciplined pros; web developers, illustrators, designers, production artists, writers, multimedia specialists. Squidz Ink was founded in 1998, dropping in on one of the early waves of offering graphic design for small to midsize business and non-prof websites. We’ve been designing for both print and web from inception and like it that way.


“Challenge the Mundane. Risk Being Noticed.”

That’s the mantra here.

Seriously. We look to differentiate you from your competition in a positive way. That doesn’t mean flipping your color scheme to lime and fluorescent orange, though it could be considered if it achieved your business goals. What it definitely does mean, is that we work with you to explore creative solutions to specific communication problems. We seek clients ready to challenge mundane paths that fail to motivate their audiences. Are you that client?

Businesses and non-profits have wide ranging goals. Understanding your organization and the motivations of your patrons is critical to crafting meaningful communications. Through design, we work hard to make your goals attainable. Risk being noticed. It’s the first step in creating relationships with your audience.

Web Design

Our site design process is based on this: content drives design, you drive content. Once we understand content structure and content use, we can design a site that delivers it effectively.

Designing a great looking site is nice, but we want to put you in the driver’s seat once it’s done. Today, successful websites must go beyond “online brochure.” Backing your site with content management capabilities allows anyone to manage content.  Now you have organized content, optimum display and the ability to keep it current, valuable and appealing to your audience. You can now give your website a voice, a personality, a vibe, that your audience relates to. It’s no longer pages of aging content collecting “net dust,” falling into the abyss of the search engine scrap heap. Find out more about CMS here.