What is a Content Management System?

If you don’t know what a CMS is, it’s a system that allows you and non-technical staff to manage your website–easily.

Ease of use, any design, features you’ll use.

Any content management system (CMS) worth its megabytes should have these qualities. So, simply don’t settle for less.

A solid CMS and the right design methods will deliver a valuable, flexible asset that will save you money and put you in control of your web identity. We believe content drives design and you drive content. It’s our approach to web design.

Why would I want a CMS enabled website?

Answer: So you and your staff can make your site a vibrant information source and valuable marketing asset. If your website hasn’t changed in months, it really isn’t working for you or your visitors. Without quality content, and more precisely, a flow of current content, a site is essentially useless after one visit. Except, perhaps, for quickly finding your contact information.

It’s easy to keep your site rockin’ when you have the tools to do it without learning code, server structures or techno-lingo like File Transfer Protocol, CSS, XHMTL, JavaScript, etc.

Keep it simple: login, make edits and get back to work.

What’s the CMS flavor for your site?

Squidz Ink is familiar with a number of Content Management Systems. There are hundreds of CMS products crowding the market and it can be tough to sort them out. There is a system available that fits your needs. We’ve worked with WordPress, Drupal, ergoCMS, DMLContent a touch of Joomla and SquareSpace. Other intriguing systems include Expression Engine, Movable Type, Element Fusion. Some of these systems are open source and can be installed on virtually any server. Others require licensing or are hosted systems that the end user cannot “take with them” if the site is moved. They all have their pros and cons, which we would be glad to discuss with you as they relate to your project.


As we’ve worked with various systems and even helped build two with our dev partners DMLCo and Wildrice Solutions, we’ve come to the conclusion that WordPress is one of the best systems available. The system combines super development flexibility along with an incredible array of user-friendly features for you, the site owner. WordPress may not fit every project, but it has evolved from a basic blogging platform to a full-on website content management system used by individuals, small business and Fortune 500 corporations alike. It supports integration with e-commerce, external data systems, Linux and Windows web servers, and is fully customizable or can run in a basic form, freshly installed.

We’re excited about the fact that most clients understand that using a website content management system is an essential business practice rather than a luxury. This wasn’t the case just a few short years ago..

We can help connect the dots. Just ask us.