Cryocore Identity

Posted:  November 18, 2014 at 2:22 pm

Cryocore engineers and fabricates high quality heat exchangers, primarily for the oil and gas related processing facilities. Squidz Ink was tasked with creating the logo as well as their first collateral material and set up of a basic website. While the company is relatively small, the competition if big mixed with a rapidly changing market and manufacturing processes. Cryocore wanted to come out swinging and felt a strong brand was important up front.

The logo design is meant to capture the vibe of certain heat exchanger characteristics, create conentric “c” shapes to echo Cryocore’s hard “c” sounds and also offer an alternative “wireframe” version that hints at an engineer’s design concept while also communicating the heat exchange process through color. That’s a lot of message jammed into a straightforward logo. Yet, there it is. Sometimes there is serendipity in the design process that plays right into desire.




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