Squidz Ink Design Portfolio

Squidz Ink works across the divide that separates hard copy from digital display. The web, with its pixel power and data crunching delivery, is always a welcome canvas here. A website is malleable, evolving over time and it’s design must take that into account.  The tactile nature of paper and ink has its own unique call to our designer brains as well. There’s nothing like holding that final object in your hands, feeling the shape, the paper…smelling the ink. Both media, however, require a balance of form and function that have a specific target–deliver a quality message that sticks.

That’s what we strive to acheive for all our clients. Browse  the portfolio samples above. The work displayed falls in three basic categories:

  • Print – marketing collatral to annual reports
  • Web/Screen – web sites, Flash, a few PowerPoint rigs
  • Identity – logos and letterhead suites

Hopefully, you’ll like what you see and be motivated to give us a ring. We’re always game to hear from you.